Born into an Indian family of silk weavers, Roshni grew up surrounded by textiles. Looms were the central feature of the homes of her extended family, and the ‘clack-clack-clack’ of their hand-operated arms a domestic heartbeat. She was enchanted at an early age by the overflowing stacks of fresh-woven silk sarees, their colors winking at her like precious jewels. Even after her family moved to the United States, her mom continued to fill their home with textiles: wall hangings, quilts, embroidery, and weavings. Roshni began a career in healthcare, but sought creative outlets: pottery, painting, printmaking. After several trips ended with suitcases bulging with textiles—from India, Mexico, Guatemala, New Mexico—she turned her creative energy back to her own family history. The alchemy of color, texture, history, and craftsmanship in textile arts had once again entranced her. In late 2017, inspired by a desire to merge the Indian aesthetics she grew up with the modern aesthetic of her adopted California, she launched her own micro textile business: Atelier Kavate


Our textiles are designed in our sunny studio in the East Bay, and produced in small batches in partnership with artisan cooperatives in India. We are committed to ethical, and sustainable practices by using naturally dyed fibers, fair wages for all artisans and supporting the communities that so thoughtfully bring our designs to life.


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